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Photo by Andrew Maguire for Garmin

From an early age, growing up in Colorado to Polish and Colombian immigrant parents, I learned to have a natural appreciation for the outdoors and the world at large. This upbringing led me down a path to playing in a soccer school internationally in Poland to then navigating the US, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil by bicycle. Eventually, this disciplined approach to exploration resulted in running multiple 100+ mile ultras through the mountains and exploring more of my Latin-American roots by bike. My goal has always been to deeply connect with the land, people, and cultures that make each of these places unique and to share what I learn along the way. 

A few of my most notable experiences include:

- Bikepacking the Estrada Real in Southeast Brazil, 1100km, 68,106ft. elevation gain. Clients: Bikepacking.com, Rene Herse, Revelate Designs, Ostroy, and Rab. 

- Running the HighFive 100, 100mi, 40,000ft. elevation gain. Clients: Patagonia, Tailwind, and UltraRunning Magazine.

- Bikepacking the TransAmerica Trail for it's 40th anniversary, 4,253mi, 216,495ft. elevation gain. Clients: National Geographic Travel and Adventure Cycling Association.

Estrada Real

Photo by Leonardo Brasil

High Five 100

Photo by Leonardo Brasil

TransAmerica Trail

Photo by Tyler Metcalfe

Photo by Andrew Maguire for Garmin

Continuing down this trajectory my goals in 2023 are to build upon my prior experiences and to dream even bigger. I'm currently training for the following objectives:

- In August, racing the High Five 100 in under 40 hours.

- In September, bikepacking a section of the Qhapaq Ñanthe Road of the Lord, the Inka empire’s 24,000-mile sacred roadway, documenting this symbol of cultural continuity.

- In December, bikepacking the Zona Cafetera in Colombia, sharing more of my own background and upbringing in the country.

Photo by Leonardo Brasil

Photo by Leonardo Brasil

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If any of these projects resonate with you, I'd love your support! I'm currently seeking sponsors for each of these endeavors! 

Photo by Leonardo Brasil

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