My mission is to change broken, misinformed narratives about underrepresented communities in Latin America, the US, and beyond. This manifests through visual storytelling where I work as a photographer and director alongside other talent, athletes, and journalists. 

As a son of Polish and Colombian immigrants, growing up in Colorado speaking a mix of all three languages at home, it feels like my natural state is to exist in between multiple worlds. It’s what allows me to act like a bridge between many cultures and how I’m able to feel at home anywhere. As a multiracial visual storyteller, this perspective is also what sets me apart from the rest. 

Professionally, I've shot for The New York Times, Insider, UltraRunning Magazine, and the Bikepacking Journal. Commercially, I’ve shot and directed projects for Rab Equipment, Salsa Cycles, and Adidas Terrex. As an endurance athlete, I've been featured in National Geographic Travel and Patagonia.


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