Adam Andres Pawlikiewicz, Photographer / Videographer

In 28 years I've taken up a lot of interests but just one passion: storytelling. Since graduating from The College of William & Mary, I've biked solo across America, travelled to places as foreign to me as Ghana and Cambodia, and lived in places as familiar as my mom’s childhood home in Medellin, Colombia. I’ve taken on trips and challenges, and been on the road so long that it feels like my natural state is to be on the go. It’s given me the perspective that the journey’s far more important than the actual destination, so I want to hone every tool I have to capture the moment.

This realization is what caused me to pick up a camera and begin documenting through both motion pictures and stills. I may not be able to describe tipping points born out of moments of true determination, struggle, and great odds with the eloquence of Malcolm Gladwell, but as a filmmaker and photographer I hope to capitalize on the cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words, while knowing a film reel can reverberate even more.

If any of this resonates with you I’d love to connect! Please feel free to contact me by email: or follow my work @adamonthego.